At last we are connected….

At long long last… we have connection and phone, and all things required to service our clients.

It has been a battle, and very inconvenient for us, and appallingly bad for our clients. But Telstra have come to the party and supplied the promised landline, and established us with a solid and reliable internet connection.

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New Contact Details for My SEO Guy

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 122


QLD 4275

Landline Number:

No Number at Present – please contact via Mobile

Mobile Number:

As before – 0419 295 283


As before.


My SEO Guy – Moving Office…

As many of you will know we have recently moved the office of Grimpond Marketing and My SEO Guy. Despite extensive pre-planning and assurances from our connection providers, we have had nothing but headaches since the move, and have been without connection for some time.

In addition to that we have had continued power issues that have also been unresolved until today…

Read more at:- Office Relocation and Connection/Support Issues


Pixel Tracking – Yes or No?

Using tracking pixels is a bit “old school” but is still used by some publishers and advertisers for tracking hits/users/etc.

So what is a tracking pixel?

A tracking pixel is a small 1×1 pixel image, often in gif or png form, that is inserted in certain pages/ads/forms so that the stats associated with the image can be used as an anlytical tool.

So how does it work?

Each element of a web page is loaded on the page after it is ‘requested’ from the server ‘serving’ the said page. Eg: When you load this page.. each single element(espec. images) are called as the page loads and then your browser puts it all together to make a page.

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More great early results

We talked about the great start we had with a new client just the other day.

Well we predicted some improvement when we said “the indications are good.”, and they are. Take a look below.

We are happy.. and so is the client 🙂

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Great start for Garage Door Small Business SEO

Once again branching into fields we have not ventured into before has produced good results. Early results for a Client in the garage door business have been very promising and showing excellent improvement in the early days.

Once again the client had had poor service and results from previous a Search Engine Optimisation company, and was reticent at first to try again.

After speaking with the business owner at length, we assured him that results would follow, and that results would be visible and quantifiable within a few weeks.

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Reclaim your missing Google + page

Like many others we “lost” a number of Google “Places” pages when Google changed the structure of Google Places, Google + and Google My Business. We had a dashboard full of “A Google+ Page” and “Default Name” after Google had done the clean out.

So how are we meant to tell which page is which in order to reclaim and rebuild it?

This was a problem, that we spent a long time searching for a solution to.

Now we have found the answer.

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So Where are We – SEO Brisbane – Update 12

Once again it has been some time since we updated everyone on our own standings in Google for our chosen prime keywords – SEO Brisbane – so it is time for an update…

Our last ranking update had us at position #32 for ‘SEO Brisbane’, and we were pleased that we had seen a nice rise in our ranking. I explained in part then that the rise was due to “work” we had been doing, and that we were pleased with the outcome.

But now.. I know in recent times we have not been doing the “work” required, and I am expecting a drop in our Google ranking.

Before I check, I will have a look at Google Webmasters and see how we are doing… one sec….

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Real Estate – SEO

We have just taken on a new client who is a Real Estate agent. This presented a number of new issues and learning experiences for us, as this is a highly competitive term. But it is also a very “localised” term in most geographical areas.

So we had a bit of research to do, to find out what exactly what to target, how to target it and the best methods to use.

This was compounded as we were using proprietary websites and had limited control over some of the elements that we would normal use.


So it will be an interesting trial, and the results that we would normally expect may be a little harder to achieve, but I am confident that we can make it a success.


Will report back shortly.


The SEO Guy

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